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3P is a dynamic marketing agency that facilitates company growth at scale for business of all shapes and sizes. We provide high-impact campaigns, regardless of what you look like, what you wear, or whether or not you believe in aliens.

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Our 3 Step Process



We brainstorm the optimal message for your potential customers. We create click-friendly digital elements to mesmerize them. Then we chug some caffeine.

Brainstorming and Ideation
Competition Analysis
Execution Strategy


We use best-practice design and catchy copyediting to build engaging, click-friendly campaigns. Then we take a brain break to watch Jack Hanna.

Campaign Creation & Approval
Tracking & Reporting Initiation
Media Posting & Placement


We give you easy-to-understand data and a completely transparent report that showcases the campaign performance across all channels. Then we party.

Detailed Reports
Campaign Maintenance
Increased ROI for Your Business

Our Clients Make us Blush

"We have seen some great results with our geofencing campaign"

Having the ability to push our ads to potential customers that enter our fenced areas, and then see if they enter our location is a pretty awesome tool.

Frank R.
Frank’s Accurate Body Shop

"Sales were up almost 34%"

Last Wednesday was a record promotion for us, and yesterday blew that out of the water. I've also received several FB messages, emails and phone calls about catering! I attribute all of this new interest to our advertising.

Orange Leaf, Evansville
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