Site Retargeting

Bring Them Back With Site Retargeting

Target users who have previously viewed your website as they surf the web. Help them make the right decision to buy your product they've viewed once before.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Site Retargeting

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Reconnect Meaningfully

Reconnect with your potential customers meaningfully with a message that resonates with them at their specific position in the customer funnel. Second impressions matter.

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Increase Conversions

You’ll notice an increased engagement rate when you advertise specifically to those who had previously shown interest in your product, service, or other offering.

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Develop Brand Familiarity

Familiarity builds trust and a customer base. The more frequently someone sees your brand in advertisements, the more likely they are to spend money with you.

What's So Dang Cool About it?

Features of Site Retargeting

Repeat exposure yields ad effectiveness. Here’s how it works. Someone visits your site. They view a product. Then they leave your site. They view another website. Then an ad is placed on that website, inspiring the customer to return to yours.

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Retargeting by Behavior

Interested visitors have a higher probability of completing a purchase, especially when prompted with the right message. With site retargeting, you can customize ads for visitors based on their behavior previously demonstrated on your website.

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Retargeting by Time

You can retarget based on time. For example, you can set it up to target a site viewer an hour after they were browsing your site or two weeks after. You can also determine the frequency with which this person sees particular ads.

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Retargeting by Customer Base

Retargeting is a fantastic way to grab the attention of current customers to see if they’d be interested in upgrading, utilizing a new product feature, or even buying something else from your store.

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Our Latest Geofencing Win

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Which Industries Should Use Site Retargeting?

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Ecommerce (Products & Subscriptions)

Target people who have either viewed your product/subscription or left it in their cart at checkout.

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Food Industry (Restaurant & Grocery Stores)

Target hungry people who have previously viewed your online menu.

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Automotive (Dealerships & Repair Shops)

Target people who have previously used your services to fix their damaged vehicle.

And Many More!

Travel agencies, Insurance, HVAC, landscapers, employment agencies, clothing shops, and more! Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from a site retargeting campaign.

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