Contextual Targeting

Convert Quickly With Contextual Targeting

Increase ad relevance. Target potential customers with content that relates to what they’re currently looking at. With contextual targeting and keyword targeting, ads are placed based on page content and are served with a goal of reaching a new audience.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Contextual Targeting

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Build Brand Awareness

By associating your business with relevant websites and content, you’re creating a positive brand image your future customers will remember.

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Protect Brand Image

Once you build your brand awareness, you have to protect it. With contextual ads, you can avoid whatever sites and content might tarnish your reputation.

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Increase Purchase Intent

Audiences that are contextually matched result in 50% higher ad recall and awareness compared to ads strictly using demographic targeting.

Why it's Cool

Features of Contextual Targeting

Maybe your company has launched a new video editing suite. With contextual ads, your ad for this product might be shown on the side of blog with a title like, “How to Edit Videos Quickly,” or “What’s the Best Video Editing Software.” Your ad wouldn’t be shown on blogs, pages, or articles that talk about things like makeup tips or the outdoor lifestyle.

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Site Matching

Google analyzes content to determine a website’s theme. This theme is then matched to your ad using your keywords and other targeting factors set.

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Automatic Placement

When your keyword or campaign theme matches a webpage’s theme, your ad can appear on that page, as long as it matches the preferred language and location.

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Not Subject to Privacy Concerns

Browsing behavior is more difficult to collect than it was previously. Visitors now have to opt-in, which makes serving contextual ads all that much more important.

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Our Latest Geofencing Win

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Which Industries Should Use Contextual Targeting?

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Place an ad for quality suitcases in a travel website. The reader could be a frequent traveler who might be hoping to find a new suitcase for his or her upcoming business trip.

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Place an ad for a vehicle on a car review website.The person reading the review for the certain vehicle is most likely in the market for a new car.

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Video Creation

Place a cosmetics ad before your youtube makeup tutorial- The viewer is likely to be interested in cosmetic products since they're watching a makeup video. This is more useful than simply targeting women of a certain age that might not care about makeup.

And Many More!

Real Estate, Insurance, employment agencies, ecommerce shops, and more! Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from a contextual targeting campaign. 

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