Weather Targeting

Rain or Shine, Weather Targeting Works

Weather targeting enables you to target your ads during specific weather conditions like temperature, wind, UV index, and weather alerts. For example, your ice cream shop might  target customers within a specific radius when the temperature is over 80°F.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Weather Targeting

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Customers Rain & Shine

Use weather to your benefit, not your detriment. Show your ads when you're front-of-mind with customers.

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No Wasted Ads

Your ads are only served during the specific weather conditions we set before the campaign.

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On/Off Triggering

Efficiency triggers function so weather ads are only served when predetermined parameters are met.

Why It's Cool

Features of Weather Targeting

Combined with location data, weather triggers allow to you to provide the most contextual, relevant and tailored message to customers and tap into consumers’ moods, desires and purchase intent at any given moment and location.

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Real Time Targeting

Precise weather data ensures relevant weather triggered ads.

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Precise Weather Data

Our weather ads are powered by more than 10,000 weather stations and lightning sensors.

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Simple Integration

Combine weather ads with audience targeting, proximity targeting, and more.

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Featured Case Study

Our Latest Geofencing Win

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Which Industries Should Use Weather Targeting?

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Food Truck Industry (Hot & Cold Foods)

Deliver ads for your ice cream truck during a heat wave. Deliver ads for your Hot Chocolate truck when it's freezing outside.

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Hospitality (Hotels & Resorts)

Deliver ads to potential tourists during prime travel times as the weather feels great.

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HVAC (Heating & Air)

Target ads when the average HVAC system would be struggling. For example, when it's pushing 100° outside.

And Many More!

Retail shops, employment agencies, restaurants, construction companies, and more! Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from weather targeting.

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