Grow Your Business With Geofencing

Be where people are: on their phones. Target potential customers who walk into competing shops, and serve them engaging ads that prove why your business is the better choice.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Geofencing

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Get Competitor's Clients

By advertising at your competitor’s property, your potential customer will see why you’re a better choice than the competitor.

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Get Quality Engagements

Reaching people while their interest is piqued is crucial. If they’re inside a competitor’s building, you know they’re interested your service.

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Spend Less on Ads

The more accurate the ads are, the higher impact they'll yield, and the more likely these leads will turn into ideal customers.

What's So Dang Cool About it?

Features of Geofencing

This incredibly precise ad-serving technology is revving up ad performance left and right. It's got a hemi, or whatever a hemi is for digital marketing tactics.

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Fresh Technology

Beat your competitor's to the punch, and develop your geofencing customer base before the competition even knows what the hell that means.

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Ultra Precise Targeting

Targeting is based on your location and your competitor’s location. We can literally draw a circle around their business and serve ads within it.

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Non-Invasive Ads

Geofencing ads aren’t annoying. Think of it as offering your potential customer a free cost comparison when they need it most.

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Featured Case Study

Our Latest Geofencing Win

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Which Industries Should Use Geofencing?

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Finance (Banks & Credit Unions)

Target addresses based on specific household income and net worth.

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Travel Agents (Local & International)

Target addresses based on discretionary spending and travel interests.

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Auto (Dealerships & Collision Repair Shops)

Target addresses that are due for an upcoming lease renewal.

And Many More!

Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from a geofencing campaign.

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