Event Targeting

Engage Easily With Event Targeting

Target everyone within the perimeter of the event while it's happening. Capture the attention of a very specific audience to increase engagement, and continue to serve them your ads for 30 to 60 days.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Event Targeting

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Save Money on Booth Rental

Avoid paying for expensive booth rental and other trade show merchandise like flyers and promo items. Your ads will already be there.

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Save Money on Sponsorships

Stop wasting money on sponsorships to gain awareness. Bypass those fees and connect directly with any of the event’s participants through their phones.

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Be at Multiple Events at Once

While your competitor is spending money and time at one event, your ad can be working for you at many events occurring at the same time.

What's So Dang Cool About it?

Features of Event Targeting

With event targeting, a geofence is traced around an event location, and participants can then be targeted with your ads.These targeted individuals form an audience that can be optimized in a way that aligns with your business’s goals and marketing initiatives.

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Premium Placement

Event targeting offers precise time targeting down to the hour level. Placing specifically timed ads on phones can have a dramatic effect on ROI.

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Venue Tracing

A geofence can be traced around a specific event location(like a hotel, casino, or sports complex) where the advertiser wants to build an audience for future advertising initiatives.

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Targeting Memory

When the person enters the geofenced area during the set timeframe, they become a part of an audience that can be targeted any time after the event.

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Which Industries Should Use Event Targeting?

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Live Performances (Theatre & Concerts)

Target the audience entering and leaving theatres during performances and throughout the whole tour.

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Business (Conventions & Conferences)

Target the hotels during conventions and conferences. Then stay on the heels of those executives for weeks after they leave.

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Sports (Tournaments & Games)

Target a regional baseball tournament by utilizing a geofence drawn around the sports complex.

And Many More!

Business Conferences, State Fairs,Conventions, Community Events, Competitions, and Many More! Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from an event targeting campaign.

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