Addressable Geofencing

Start Scaling With Addressable Geofencing

Target households more effectively. With access to potential customers’ unique identifiers and behaviors, you’ll get to know them. With finely tuned ads, you’ll show them why your business is a better fit for their needs.

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What You'll Get

Benefits of Addressable Geofencing

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Know Your Ideal Customer

Access to highly curated demographic categories helps you understand your core customer. This helps you personalize creative based on address level intelligence.

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Get the Fam's Attention

Reach them where your competitors aren’t, and easily familiarize the whole family with your ad content. Continue serving to their unique devices for the next thirty days.

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Improve Your Results

By extending your ad’s reach and improving the impression frequency, addressable geofencing makes all household targeting efforts more effective.

What's So Dang Cool About it?

Features of Addressable Geofencing

This incredibly precise ad-serving technology is revving up ad performance left and right. It's got a hemi, or whatever a hemi is for digital marketing tactics.

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Cross-Device Targeting

Target all individuals at the address on any of their electronic devices and enable targeting of these devices for up to a month after they leave.

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Foot Tracking Attribution

Conversion zones can be used with addressable geofencing campaigns to track increase in foot traffic to the advertiser’s business location.

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Unmatched Scalability

Up to one million physical addresses can be targeted with any given campaign. It’s time to make your business a household name.

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Which Industries Should Use Addressable Geofencing?

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Finance (Banks & Credit Unions)

Target addresses based on specific household income and net worth.

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Travel Agents (Local & International)

Target addresses based on discretionary spendingand travel interests.

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Automotive (Dealerships & Repair Shops)

Target addresses that are due for an upcoming lease renewal.

And Many More!

Regardless of industry, your business will benefit from an addressable geofencing campaign.

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