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What started as a three-person operation has turned into a fully functional digital agency with awesome people doing awesome work. Browse the page to learn more about who we are.

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Our Core Values

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Clients need our services ASAP, and we're the quickest digital marketing agency around.

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We take pride in our work, and we own our mistakes...even though we don't make any.

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If we're not happy with our work, we're not sending it off. That'd be embarrasing.

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The best work comes from a group of people helping each other across the deadline.

Our Story

Through the Years of 3P Marketing

Despite humble beginnings, 3P became a full team of creatives and strategists in growing the businesses of over 150 clients in under three years. And yes, we're still extremely humble.



Megan, Jimmy, and Ed were the best of friends. Their first closet, I mean office, was referred to as Global Domination Headquarters. Expansion was imminent.


First Client

Businesses started to take notice. Clients started rolling in. The three peas started to sweat and rejoice simultaneously. They needed some help.


Operations Team

The operations and creative team threw  it into hyperdrive. We moved into a larger office and updated the kitchen with an 8lb bag of sour gummy worms.


11 Employees

The team is bigger than ever and is carrying the growth of over 150+ businesses on their shoulders. We look forward to imminent industry domination.

Our Mission

We Started With a Mission: Help Businesses Grow

3P is a dynamic marketing agency that makes strategic and data-driven decisions to facilitate company growth at scale for our clients. We utilize our creative, technical, social, and analytical backgrounds to implement high-converting marketing campaigns to drive your business ahead of your competitors. By continuously monitoring each campaign, we are able to provide our clients with data that shows how their marketing dollars are working for them through our online report dashboard. Phew! That was a lot of words. You get it though, right? I think you get it.

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Our Client Map

We're All Over the Board

They call us the Magellans of marketing. In our short lifespan as a business, we've already accumulated clients from coast-to-coast and across a couple borders.

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We're kickin' the competition from sea to shining sea.
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We're makin' friends in the Great White North.
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We're impressed and scared by all the crop circles.
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Our Team

The Peas in Our Pod