Pet Food Center

How we doubled online sales for a regional pet supply store

Goal: Grow ecommerce sales

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Paid Advertising


Facebook | Display | Shopify

Project Timeline

6 Months

Performance Increase

Project Overview

We worked with Pet Food Center, a regional pet store chain, to increase their online presence and drive ecommerce sales. Major pet supply corporations (such as Chewy and PetSmart) have made life hard on other pet shops as buyer preferences have shifted towards purchasing products online in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Utilizing social media and display advertising, we battled against these larger competitors to win the hearts (and online sales) of regional pet owners.

Project Execution

A Ruff Outline

First, we talked with Pet Food Center to understand their current social media strategy and identified target audiences. Then, we created Facebook Ad campaigns to lead the targeted audiences toward Pet Food Center’s Facebook page and website.

Additionally, we set up Google and Display ads to increase site visits. After, we started posting on the Pet Food Center Facebook page with new graphics and events custom designed to drive audience engagement and spread awareness of the online shop. Finally, we continually optimized our posting strategy to stay up to date with content that was proven to perform.


Achieving Purrfection

-3.7 million Facebook Ad Impressions
-30,700 clicks off Facebook Ads
-1.45 million impressions from Display
-198% increase in Facebook post impressions
-74% increase in Facebook post engagement
-116% increase in Shopify sales

All stats compared to prior six-month period

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