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How we grew a law office's client base and sent them 5,000 site visits

Goal: Receive more leads on potential clients

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Paid Advertising


Facebook | Google Display Network

Project Timeline

30 Days



Performance Increase

Project Overview

We worked with a southern Indiana based law office to help with new client acquisition. They specialize in injury law and identified that our geofencing and addressable capabilities could uniquely serve their need to reach potential clients exactly where they are. Through our strategy and marketing mix we were able to bring more personal injury clients and help them receive the compensation they deserve.

Project Execution

Execution as in Implementation, not Capital Punishment

First, we conducted a needs analysis to understand their current situation and how they’ve managed new client acquisition in the past. We also analyzed their current marketing plan and thought of what additional services could benefit their search for new personal injury clients.

Then, we decided on a service mix to provide them. We implemented geofencing campaigns to reach people visiting locations indicative of someone possibly requiring personal injury services (emergency rooms, towing services, collision repair shops, orthopedic surgeons). These ads are then displayed on sites the person visits and on their connected tv devices through our Connected TV capabilities, utilizing cross-device matching, pairing users’ phones to their other home internet devices.

Finally, we set up Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns targeted to users 25 and older. We additionally set up search keyword campaigns to reach people searching for injury lawyers and ads when searching for direct competitors. We continued to monitor and adjust the campaigns to optimize for performance.


Guilty (of wildly overachieving)

From April-July 2022

- 481,000 impressions
- 5,000 website visits
- 52 in person visits from display
- 22 phone leads

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