Sky Zone

How we helped a trampoline park grow their sales by over 10%

Goal: See noticeable improvements in ticket sales and event bookings

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Paid Advertising


Digital Advertising | Ad Creation

Project Timeline

6 Months

Performance Increase

Project Overview

Project Overview:

We worked with Sky Zone Evansville, a franchise of a national trampoline park chain, to help them drive foot-traffic, fuel sales, increase social media interaction, and boost web engagement. Through our blend of digital marketing tactics, Sky Zone became the go-to spot for high-flying family fun.

Project Execution

Jumping Into Action

First, we analyzed Sky Zone’s current digital advertising strategy. We identified areas of potential growth and discussed ideas on how to explore them. Additionally, we identified target audiences (parents, middle class, having displayed an online interest in family activities). We also were able to acquire address lists to retarget existing customers.

Then, we built out ad creatives, including social media ads, dynamic display ads, and full video ads. We focused on promoting Sky Zone’s many different attractions and pushing birthday party bookings. Finally, we started delivering ads on Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Google Display Network.

We continued to update the ads to focus in on the best performing content and to feature seasonal deals. Additionally, we set up weather alerts to deliver ads on days with rain or snow, providing an indoor option for families looking for fun.


Sky High Sales

- 2.6 million ad impressions
- Doubled holiday gift card sales from prior years
- Set weekend sales records
- 29% increase in Facebook engagement
- 10% increase in total monthly sales

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