Blake Brauser

Operations Manager

Blake dominates noobs in street hoops and devours his friends in Poker on a regular basis.

About the 

Blake Brauser

Blake is the glue of 3P. He’s our internal “how to” guide and our Digital Operations Manager. He positions our ad campaigns for success and are effectively targeting each business’s perfect audience. He loves learning about different industries and meeting the challenge that comes with the strategy behind each individual campaign. Blake graduated from University of Southern Indiana, and he’s worked at some of the largest digital data analytics and media companies in the country. He loves spending time with friends & family, dominated noobs in street hoops, and devouring his now-poor friends in Poker.

Blake's Secret

He’s a legitimate Superfan of The Office. He and his girlfriend can quote every single line and have won “The Office” bar trivia 8 times. Is this something to be proud of? It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely something to talk about.

Blake's 3 Ps:

Process, Precision, & Profit