Cheryl Golec


She grew up in Chicago, and she loves to talk about it. We get it, Cheryl. They have great pizza.

About the 

Cheryl Golec

As our bookkeeper, Cheryl spends her days deep-diving into invoices, payroll, and account balancing. But what she really loves is the people she works with (Aww, Cheryl! You’re too sweet…and you’re probably lying). Growing up in Chicago, she loves to talk about it, and for good reason. We get it. They have better pizza than us. But after parting ways with her beloved hometown, she moved to Evansville, Indiana to work in the medical industry for a couple decades. She then joined 3P and has been keeping us all in line ever since. She loves spending time with her granddaughters and taking her awesome annual trips with her mom and sisters. She’s an outdoor afficionado. Cheryl is all about kayaking, hiking, hanging out on the beach, and standing in the rain for hours alone (something we’ll have to talk to her about soon).

Cheryl’s Secret:

When she sneezes, it’s always at least four or more times in a row. Allergies are painful, but so is listening to them, Cheryl.

Cheryl’s 3 P's:

Precise, Professional, Patient