Ethan Douglass

Graphic Designer

Ethan has beautiful hair, cool tattoos, and seven gallons of Gold Peak sweet tea in his truck.

About the 

Ethan Douglass

Ethan is an artist at heart the human embodiment of Gold Peak sweet tea. In fact, he actually keeps several gallons of it in the back of his truck throughout the colder months so he never runs out of that slushy sweetness. He is currently enrolled at University of Southern Indiana as a graphic design major, and he has his finger on the pulse of digital marketing. He creates drool-worthy ads and high-converting landing pages for many of our clients. When he's not figuring out the best color to use for a CTA, he's pumping iron at Planet Fitness while jamming to Summer Salt. Ethan has beautiful hair, cool tattoos, and a positive outlook on life, regardless of the fact that he can't really wear flat bill hats that well.

Ethan's Secret:

Ethan says he loves french fries, but he is yet to sing a single line of the French anthem. Like, have you ever even been to Paris, dude?

Ethan’s 3 P's:

Pals, Photography, Parties