Isaiah Bolin

Client Success & Market Research Analyst

Isaiah hates PowerPoint but he loves the Dolphins. The team. Not the animal. He's clear about that.

About the 

Isaiah Bolin

Isaiah graduated from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, and as our Market Research Analyst, he's constantly deep-diving into industry-specific marketing strategies. If we're wondering how other people do it, he'll figure it out and toss us the industry tricks. Isaiah lived in Denver for a while, but he preferred the contaminants of the Southern Indiana air to the crisp, pollutant-free Colorado mountain breeze. We welcome him. Isaiah is crucial to the growth of 3P, especially as we spread our digital tentacles toward unfamiliar territories, like the axe-throwing industry....and the multiverse.

Isaiah's Secret:

Isaiah still lives in Colorado and commutes 15 hours every single morning.

Isaiah’s 3 P's:

Planning, Power, Pseudonyms