Jimmy Lefler

Partner & Co-Founder

Jimmy is the #2 boss at 3P. We even got him a bobblehead doll with that inscribed as proof.

About the 

Jimmy Lefler

Jimmy is a managing partner of 3P Marketing, and he’s our go-to-guy for creative business strategy, as he has grown, scaled, and sold several companies himself. His goal with starting 3P Marketing was to help like-minded business owners do the same thing, and (with our help) he’s doing the damn thing! Jimmy loves devoting his time and energy to helping under privileged youth across the globe, and in his free time, he enjoys pulling pranks on the people he loves. This guy actually helped install the first underground sewage system in Myanmar, which is one of the reasons we got him a “#2 Boss” bobblehead for Christmas this year. Aren’t we so sweet?

Jimmy’s Secret:

He believes you can find the best Nashville hot chicken sandwich in Minneapolis. It’s a long story, but he stands firm with that sentiment, and we’re fine with that. 

Jimmy’s 3 Ps: