Kylie Sheffer

Senior Data Analyst

Kylie loves eating pizza on the beach. Which beach? Who knows? Who cares?

About the 

Kylie Sheffer

Kylie is our numbers person, our data cruncher, our Senior Analyst. She dives deep into our clients’ digital marketing campaigns and offers insights as to how to perfect them. With a finance degree from University of Southern Indiana and a lengthy background in budget analysis,Kylie takes our digital marketing campaigns to the next level (and loves to brag about it). Kylie is a foodie and a fitness guru. When she’s not embarrassing her kids at their sporting events, you can catch her eating pizza on the beach. Which beach, you ask? We actually don’t know, and there’s really no way to find out.

Kylie’s Secret:

Kylie was born in Germany and is a former powerlifter. She’s far and away the strongest person on our team. She loves peanut butter, and like any honest person, loves trash television just as much.

Kylie’s 3 Ps:

Passionate, Persistent, Purposeful