Megan Fulkerson

Partner & Co-Founder

Megan watches an unhealthy amount of Real Housewives and a perfectly healthy amount of Alien docs.

About the 

Megan Fulkerson

Megan is one of 3P Marketing’s Managing Partners. She built our team from the ground up while simultaneously helping our clients scale their businesses. Pretty sick, huh? She has a Masters of Communication and was Chief Marketing Officer for Lefler Collision. Megan loves supporting Downtown Evansville, watching an unhealthy amount of Real Housewives, and consuming a perfectly healthy amount of Alien documentaries. If you’re at a party, it was probably planned by Megan and her rescued cat, Pimento.

Megan's Secret

Megan is left-handed and embarrassingly terrible at crafts. It’s strange that someone so talented can be so objectively sub-par at something so simple. But some of us have learned to love her anyway!

Megan's 3 Ps:

Passionate, Purposeful, & Protective