Sam Kuban

Creative Director

He’s actually allergic to peas. Isn't that stupid? Hate the sin, not the sinner, I guess.

About the 

Sam Kuban

Sam is our Creative Director. He wears a lot of hats, but that’s mostly because he’s balding. He creates ad campaigns, writes content, provides SEO audits, and has his hands in anything that needs some creative massaging. He likes applying fresh creativity to new industries as our client roster diversifies, and he loves working with like-minded people who help him crank out quality material even faster than his hairline is receding. He graduated from USI with an Interactive Media & Design degree with a Creative Writing emphasis and has since developed branding, creatives, and marketing campaigns for national brands. He loves writing children’s books, is very active in the T1D support community, and makes strange music that his friends listen to because they feel like they have to.

Sam’s Secret:

He’s actually allergic to peas, which obviously made us question hiring him to begin with. Hate the sin, not the sinner, I guess!

Sam’s 3 Ps?:

People, Perseverance, Ponderous