5 Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn Like a Boss

LinkedIn is a recruiting tool and a great way to bring more attention and business to your company.

LinkedIn is a recruiting tool and a great way to bring more attention and business to your company. Integrating LinkedIn to your marketing plan is an easy way to connect with decision makers across industries. Here are a few quick tips to help you upgrade your organic LinkedIn marketing.

1. Entice Employees to Say They Work There

Many times, LinkedIn personal profiles only get updated before people switch jobs. Similarly, many times, people forget to update their profiles once they actually get hired. To amplify organic growth and connectivity for your business page, consider asking your employees to update their personal profiles with information including your company. This gives people viewing their profile the option to then click through to your business page.

2. Focus On Keywords

LinkedIn utilizes a search engine not so different from Google. People use the search feature to find users and organizations working in the field relevant to them and their needs. Make sure your profile bio and posts prominently feature the correct industry phrases and terminology that people would be searching for. Additionally, make sure your LinkedIn page is easily found on your company website (and vice versa). 

3. Customize Your Profile URL

LinkedIn allows you to customize your page URL to keep it clean and relevant to your business. URLs that clearly display the name of your business without long streaks of random characters will rank better in searches for your brand. LinkedIn makes this process easy (see below).

All you have to do is click the “Edit Page” button on your profile and go to the “Page info” tab. Be careful when changing the URL because you can only edit it once per 30 days. 

4. Share Quality Content

It sounds obvious, but posting frequently on LinkedIn is good practice for business growth on the platform. Both the search algorithm and users prefer a page that is active. You will see positive results when making an effort to create your own content and  share others’ posts. LinkedIn has reported direct correlations between post frequency and engagement. Here are a couple quick stats:

  • Companies that post monthly see 6X as much growth as those that post infrequently.
  • Companies that post weekly see twice as much engagement per post.

While we recommend being active, we also want to warn against overdoing it. LinkedIn penalizes accounts that spam content, so it's best to keep it to a one post per day.

5. Create Posts That Drive Real Engagement

When someone comments on a post, it shows up on both followers of the company and the commenter’s feeds. Curating your posts with content that asks about users preferences, experiences, passions, and opinions will lead to higher rates of engagement and more exposure. If that isn’t reason enough, LinkedIn themselves prefer written responses over quick reactions, pushing posts with more comments to the top of users’ feeds, while even going so far as to hide posts that only receive large numbers of reactions.

The easiest way to do this is by asking questions. Ask your followers to open up and share, and don’t be afraid to dive into conversations when they do. This will increase your post viewership and will promote brand equity as people will see your commitment to your followers.

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