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How we grew a network of collision repair centers website traffic by 857%

Goal: Increase conversions in the form of vehicle repairs

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Paid Advertising


Social Media | Paid Ads | SEO audit

Project Timeline

30 Days

Performance Increase

Project Overview

We increased website visits by 857% in just one month. We worked with Aureus Auto Body, a Pennsylvania-based collision repair shop, to bring more customers to their door using digital advertising. Through analyzing Aureus’ current advertising, we realized that only minor tweaks to their strategy would lead to marked improvement. Our adjustments and the resulting ad performance showcased the huge impact small text changes and ad placement can make on overall campaign success.

Project Execution

A Digital Marketing Crash Course

First, we inspected Aureus's current ads to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their ad creatives, placement, and audience targeting. Additionally, we ran an SEO audit to identify areas of improvement for the Aureus website and search presence.

Then, we tweaked the ad creatives with minor adjustments that better exemplified the features of their service that audience cared most about, namely technician professionalism and the safety of repairs.

We then implemented geofencing to identify potential customers based on their phone’s location data and if they have visited target zones (such as other auto-body shops, insurance companies, and tow yards). We also targeted the households of audiences with $100K+ household incomes, active auto loans, and carriers of high-risk insurance plans. Finally, we utilized display and search ads with keyword targeting to identify and serve ads to customers searching online for vehicle repairs.


Driving Sales

- 260% increase in click-through-rate (clicks divided by impressions)

- 857% increase in clicks to website in just the first month

- Nearly 2 million impressions

- 212 in person visits from customers served an ad

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